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Links to Other Fertility Resources and Useful Sites

International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination (INCIID)
INCIID houses multiple fact sheets on infertility and miscarriage, an online community of over 100 forums for support, doctor-moderated forums for asking questions, and more.

FREE Infertility Video from Integramed

Duke University's Reproductive Endocriology and Infertility Web Site
Duke University's Reproductive Endocriology and Infertility web pages offer information on a wide variety of topics related to infertility. Subjects such as IVF, COH, infertility surgery (tubal reversal, myomectomy, laparoscopy, and hysteroscopy), endometriosis, and PCOS are covered in detail. The goal of the pages are to provide information and are not intended as advertisement. There are many photos and links available to enhance the site.

Information on this common endocrine disorder, support groups (online and in-person), patient advocacy.


Conceiving Concepts

1001 Free Things for Parents
Free things for parents including baby coupons! Also has infertility links.

An information site designed for couples looking for a straightforward, simple introduction to fertility options in Canada.

This site has an abundance of material to help bereaved parents in the grieving process. We provide many valuable resources: *Personal online support *Medical information to answer questions related to the cause and future prevention of stillbirth. Information on ways to take action in your state to promote stillbirth awareness. Descriptive lists of national and international support groups.

The Missing GRACE Organization
The Missing GRACE Organization provides support, and resources, for people who are faced with the difficult life issues of infertility, infant loss from conception to the first year of life, and adoption. Our programs serve to help families on their journey as they Grieve, Restore, Arise, Commemorate & Educate; and we commit to make available educational opportunities that will help to bring about awareness of and prevention of stillbirth.

Free guidance and assistance with health insurance claim denials.

Embryos Alive
Embryo Adoption donors are blessed by having a choice of parent, choice of Open, agency liason, anonymous adoption, mediation available, assistance and reimbursement for blood work, 3 years medical history, and psychological information as we prepare for FDA requirements for screening. Approved loving parents for your cryotots, complete checklist, agreements, and background reviews, including social history. We work with you for the best program to meet your needs.

Pregnancy by Home insemination
Artificial Insemination Supplies that can be done at home.

Family Dreams Infertility Charity
A non profit orginization to help infertile couples with treatment costs. Support message boards and resources also available.

The Diana Group
In contrast with many clinics in other parts of the world, this clinic offers treatment for all aspects of fertility as well as care for the older female (menopause) and any related endocrine or gynaecological problems. We offer all this at ONE QUARTER of the US price.

Advanced Testing and Treatment for Recurrent Miscarriage and IVF Implantation Failure
There has been a great deal of misrepresentation and misunderstand regarding the role of the immune system in pregnancy and in miscarriage. Nora, LLC brings to the clinical arena the most recent medical advances in reproductive immunology, offering a unique battery of immunologic tests and enrolling patients in a clinical trial of a sophisticated immunolgic treatment.

Tubal ligation reversal by Dr. Berger
Tubal ligation reversal site with factual information, pregnancy statistics, surgery illustrations, testimonials, message board, and free video shown on Discovery.

Information on natural approaches to infertility.

This Endometriosis web site seeks to assist sufferers of this condition in obtaining information and identifying treatments that they may use in coping with the associated ailments. This site further essays to empower women to become self-aware about the disease's effect upon themselves through the sharing of information about remedy effectiveness; providing relevant educational content; discussing treatment standards that exist or do not; and acting as a gateway to advocacy resources and research from a myriad of sources.

Donor Sibling Registry
The focus of the Donor Sibling Registry is to assist individuals seeking to make mutual consent contact with their biological relatives conceived as a result of sperm or egg donation. This may include: 1) their own or their child's half-siblings, or 2) their own or their child's donor parent (genetic father or mother), or 3) their biological offspring. A matrix (table) of voluntarily contributed donor and offspring information, organized by cryobank/clinic, is maintained in the members-only files of the DonorSiblingRegistry Yahoo! Group. Each member's right to privacy is expected and respected. Personal email addresses are hidden, although it is still advised that members subscribe with a non-traceable email address.

Care To Adopt, Inc.
Cryo-tots Embryo Adoption Agency Cincinnati, Ohio 513-518-7006, 888-242-5094

Behavioral Management Infertility Program
This website provides Mind/Body information and services to women and couples. In addition, fertility news and medical journals are regularly updated.

CycleSense Fertility Tracking Software
CycleSense is the premiere fertility tracking software. It was developed by a team of medical software developers, using FDA approved standards for software development and production.

The Zarutskie Fertility and Endocrine Institute
Specialists in Infertility Treatment & Reproductive Technology, The Zarutskie Fertility Institute makes small miracles come true. Our fertility center and double-boarded fertility doctor provide a personalized approach to accomplishing pregnancy and infertility treatment, including IVF, male infertility, PGD, egg donation, surrogacy, and reproductive medicine.

Ovulation Calendar
Ovulation Calendar - a program that uses menstrual cycle information to generate your personal fertility calendar.It is an effective software aid for any woman who either desires a pregnancy or wishes to prevent one.

Fertile Prayers
Fertile Prayers: Daily Fertile Prayers by Charlotte Fairchild is a 368 daily prayer/devotional book for people going through the pain of infertility and miscarriage. It provides hope, empathy, and information from the Bible. It is Judeo-Christian.

A general medical website in dictionary format with information that is written in a way that is easy to understand. All complex terms are explained within each entry, preventing the often frustrating experience of having complex words defined with other complex words that then need to be looked up.

Michigan Infertility Insurance Movement
dvocacy website dedicated to passing, through the Michigan congress, a bill that will enact a state mandate for infertility insurance coverage.

Fertility Friend
Charting software and more.

Damariscotta Montessori School

Ovacue #1 Fertility Monitor