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Fertility Information Resource List

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   FIRL -> Getting Started

New to the maze? Greetings. Here's a few links to follow, in no particular order. If you're not on the web, but you're on the inet, try the usenet newsgroups or the mailing lists . If you're not on the inet, then you definitely need a good infertility book !

Frequently Asked Questions About Infertility
Another one at http://www.asrm.com/patient/faqs.html.

Basic Infertility Testing Information

What is an Infertility Specialist?

Criteria for Selecting a Clinic

Infertility Resources

Low-Tech Ways to Help You Conceive FAQ

FTC Consumer Advisory - Infertility Services

General Fertility Topics

Why Can't We Have A Baby?

   FIRL -> Glossaries

What does it all mean? If you can't find it here, then try a search. Or a dictionary. Or (call me crazy) go ask your doctor!

ARHC Glossary

Fertilitext glossary

INCIID glossary

University of Bristol Glossary

Acronyms and Abbreviations

ONNA Glossary of Terms and Acronyms - Somewhat whimsical.
The typical month of an ONNA gal goes like this... First AF arrives, possibly bringing along her little dog Spot. You are now an SM. You chart your BBT and religiously check your CM so you'll know when you O. From the time you see EW until the day your chart peeks, you and your DH participate in the LO. You're officially an LIW.

rxfertile glossary
Dunno what happened - used to be available at bookgloss@rxfertile.com

   FIRL -> Common Sense

...at least, we hope it's common sense! If you thought saving for a CAR was bad, wait till you've paid for a few IVFs! And if you think PAYING for failed cycles is the biggest problem you'll face, you're probably in for a rude surprise.

The moral of the story is do your homework:

Got something to add? Speak up!

   FIRL -> Online Resources

Treatment and Coping  | Beyond Infertility  | Medical Resources  | Searching for Information  | Discussion Forums  |

   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Treatment and Coping

A Male Perspective on Infertility - A very thoughtful and well-researched essay.

IVF Success Rates by William Panak - Compiled using information from the IVF registry.

Freya, secretariaat, Postbus 476, 6600 AL Wijchen, Netherlands
Telephone:    0031 24 6451088 (vox)
FREYA is een pati‘ntenvereniging die zich bezig houdt met belangenbehartiging, voorlichting en hulpverlening aan mensen die te maken hebben met onvrijwillige kinderloosheid.

Finch University of Health Sciences (Dr. Beer's stuff) - Information on immune treatments for infertility and miscarriage.
Graphics Intensive.

Assisted Reproductive Technology News - (abstracts of the ART journals EJAIB and EEIN)
Chronologically-ordered, with most recent info at the bottom (doh!).

Atlanta Reproductive Health Centre - A masterpiece by Mark Perloe, M.D.
Graphics intensive.

Infertility-Related Court Cases

Infertility Insurance Advice

Hannah's Prayer - A growing international network of local chapters providing Christian support during fertility challenges.
P.O. Box 5016, Auburn, CA 95604-5016 USA

DES - Prof. Sally's DES Pages

Fertilitext - The goal of Fertilitext is to get information about fertility to those people that need it.

Infertility Center - Enables couples who are dealing with infertility -- with all of its accompanying feelings and frustrations -- to be empowered through a comprehensive understanding of the problem.

Hygeia - Educational and support materials for those suffering from pregnancy loss or neonatal loss.
P.O. Box 3943, New Haven CT 06525

IVF Hints by Rachel Browne - Tips for handling the various stages of IVF from patients who've been there, done that.

European Infertility Network
22 High Street, Carrickfergus, Co Antrim, North Ireland
Telephone:    +44 (0)1960 361684 (vox)

RESOLVE - A referral, support, and advocacy group also providing offline services such as booklets, newsletters, and telephone support.
1310 Broadway, Somerville MA 02144-1731 USA
Telephone:    617-623-0744 (vox)   617-623-0252 (fax)
Chapters across the U.S. sponsor local support groups where you can gather and talk with people who know what you're going through.

Guidelines for the Storage and Use of Gametes and Embryos
A number of the above Guidelines have been derived from the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority: Code of Practice : London.

Spermatology Home Page

Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Testing - Tests for diagnosing causes of recurrent miscarriage.

SANDS - Stillbirth And Neonatal Death Support
Room G9, Agnes Walsh House, Bagot Road SUBIACO 6008 WA
Telephone:    (08) 9382.2687 (vox)   1800 686780 (vox)
Other SANDS groups:

  • SANDS Australia: 02 99067004
  • Victoria: 03 98821590
  • N.S.W.: 02 99067004
  • South Australia: 08 82770304
  • Queensland: 07 32522865
  • Tasmania: 03 63446811
  • ACT: 06 2871389

Infertility Resources by Internet Health Resources - Information about IVF, GIFT, TET, ICSI, donor egg, fertility clinics, donor egg and surrogacy services, literature, medications, and support information.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS) Network - A network of people and information dedicated to stopping SIDS, the number one killer of infants between the ages of one month and one year.
9 Gonch Farm Road, Ledyard, CT 06339 USA

Summary of ART Techniques - Descriptions of current ART (Advanced Reproductive Technology) techniques.

Writings of Infertile Couples, sponsored by Lady Sundae - A place for infertile couples to share their feelings in their writings.

Fertility Information Resource List - (this list)

Australian WWW Infertility Resources
Telephone:    61 65 524944 (vox)   61 65 524521 (fax)

Debbie Shavel's Infertility Pages - Well-organized, thorough, and pleasing to look at.

Dr. Pranikoff's Gyn Web Library - Infertility - Whole heaps of links in no particular order. Some sifting required.

Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction: Diagnosis and Treatment - Discusses the diagnosis and treatment of ejaculatory duct obstruction.

Endometriosis: Basic Questions and Answers

Gine-web: Esterilidad y Reproducci—n - Sobre salud y bienestar de la mujer. Gine-web incluye contribuciones en espa–ol o inglˇs.

A Heartbreaking Choice - Support for women with pregnancies where birth defects have been found.

Hormone Levels - (typical levels of fertility-related hormones)

Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC) - A referral, support, and educational group for the infertile.

INCIID (InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination) - (pronounced "inside") Awesome site.
P.O. Box 6836, Arlington VA 22206 USA
Telephone:    520-544-9548 (vox)   520-509-5251 (fax)

Infertility Helper - (no fancy graphics, just solid information)

Infertility Information Center by Dr. Seth G. Derman - Detailed (yet not esoteric) infertility information, presented in a clear and concise manner.

Infertility in the United Kingdom - Great place for information and support.

Insurance Advocacy and Information - Information to help you get the most out of your insurance,a plus tips on contacting your elected officials.

Invasive Infertility Tests FAQ - HSG, EMB, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy explained, plus personal experiences.

Male Fertility Overview - A must read for infertile men. About 93K.

Miscarriage FAQ from misc.kids - A mostly support-oriented FAQ with some technical information.

Miscarriage Support and Information Resource List - Newsgroups, mail lists, web sites and good books to help you with your loss.

   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Beyond Infertility

Adopt: Assistance, Information, Support

Donor Ovum Articles - A collection of articles about donor ovum IVF cycles.


Adoptive Families Of America - The RESOLVE of the adoption community.
3333 Highway 100 North, Minneapolis MN 55422
Telephone:    612-535-4829 (vox)   800-372-3300 (vox)

The American Surrogacy Center - Facilitates exchange of surrogacy-related information and support.
The American Surrogacy Center promotes the exchange of information on medical and pharmaceutical treatments, surrogacy alternatives, current legal status, counseling, medical and legal practitioners, agencies and similar societies, as well as providing a forum for those requesting and providing information.

Center for Surrogate Parenting and Egg Donation
8383 Wilshire Boulevard #750, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
Telephone:    213-655-1974 (vox)
vox: fax: 213-852-1310 voice_tf:

Donor Semen Issues - A collection of essays about donor insemination.
Courtesy of Xytex Corporation, http://www.xytex.com.

The Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy - Surrogacy referrals, reading material, and support.
P.O. Box 213, Wheeling IL 60090 USA
Telephone:    847-394-4116 (vox)   847-394-4165 (fax)

Resources for Adoptive Parents - Everything you ever wanted to know about adoption.

Support Couples - For those facing a future without children.

- No Title -
vox: fax:

   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Medical Resources

Health on the Net Foundation

(For faster response, turn off graphics in your browser.)
This site includes a complete list of hospitals on the WWW, Internet medical support communities (listservers, newsgroups and FAQs) and extensive telemedicine resources.

Advanced Search

Display Option: sites for both reviewed and unreviewed sections.

HealthFinder - selected online resourdes that produce reliable health information for the public.

Klinefelter's Syndrome

Medscape - Collection of free full-text, peer-reviewed articles, medical news, MEDLINE, and interactive quizzes.

Mediconsult.com - Well-organized and searchable site with medical information on topics such as infertility.
After anonymously answering a brief survey, you will have complete access to their site.

List and Glossary of Medical Terms - In several languages. This URL is for English speakers.

Medical Information Network - A service that provides background information on every physician licensed to practice in the US.
$15.00 for the first doctor and $5.00 for each additional doctor on the same call. (Maximum of 5 inquiries at $5.00)

Medical Information Sources Archive - Many, many sites for finding medical information. Includes web addresses for many medical journals.

Medline Database - Searchable database of medical journal information.

OBGYN.net - Women's Health

Pharmaceutical Information Network - A searchable site with gobs of information on even the most obscure medications.
After anonymously answering a brief survey, you will have complete access to their site.

Turner's Syndrome Society

Women's Health Resources - General academic centers, government sites, electronic journals, some commercial sites and personal resources.

Yahoo - Health:Reproductive Health: Infertility - Searchable. Definitely worth checking out.

   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Searching for Information

Search with the snark - Pick your favorite search engine by clicking the choice menu.
You won't see anything if your browser is not javascript enabled.

Deja News - Search old Usenet news postings for specific phrases. You can also post from this site.

Dogpile - a multi-engine search tool - The nice thing about this one is that you can limit the search time.

Search and then wait a maximum of seconds.

Alta Vista

Search and Display the Results

Beaucoup! - Indexed by subject.

SavvySearch - SavvySearch offers the advantage of a single location and common user interface for querying many diverse databases.

Zippo - Access old posts or posts from newsgroups not on your server. Zippo also provides inexpensive use of its mail server.

Reduce your search time by considering the nature of the information you seek. Are you looking for a definition, a fixed idea? A piece of specialized but commonly-known information? Use indexed information, such as an indexed list or a database. Are you interested in researching and comparing many instances of similar information? Are you interested in obscure or unique information , or information likely to come in many different flavors or to be stored in a distributed fashion? Use a search engine.

For example: You might use an indexed list to learn about symptoms of a particular condition. Such information is not likely to vary from site to site.

On the other hand, you might use a search engine to learn about various treatments for a particular condition. Such information is likely to vary from site to site, since it is the nature of people to disagree on dogma.

(Does that make sense?)

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Usenet Newsgroups  | Mailing Lists  | Chat Rooms  |

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Having trouble directly accessing Usenet? Try a Usenet search engine.

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   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Discussion Forums -> Mailing Lists

In no particular order. Many of these lists overlap in subject matter, but you will find that each list has its own distinct flavor. Don't be afraid to lurk on different lists until you find the one that suits you the best.

If both are listed, join by using the web site rather than the email address (if you're reading this in a browser, that is).

DES Daughters

The List of Lists - Allows you to search one of the largest directories of special interest group e-mail lists (also known as listservs) available on the Internet.
Also available atftp://sri.com/netinfo/interest-groups.txt

Christian Pregnancy Loss Support - (no termination discussion)
Send a short biography and your loss history.

Donor Insemination Support

Egg Donors


Fortility - (Over 40 mailing list)

For more information,mailto:levans@acpub.duke.edu.

Klinefelter's Syndrome

ONNA (Oh no, not again)
Also an #ONNA channel on the IRC undernet.

Mayer-Rokitansky-Kustur-Hauser Syndrome

Moms Via Egg Donation

Multiple Miscarriages

OASIS - (Overweight and Seeking Infertility Support)
In the body of the message, include your name, e-mail address, and a short description of why you are interested in joining the list.

PCO Mailing List
For more information,mailto:mclark@solved.com.

Parents Pursuing Surrogacy

SPALS - (Subsequent Pregnancy After Loss Support)
You will receive instructions on how to submit information and get your name on this private list. Persons with pregnancy loss who are pregnant again or trying to get pregnant are welcome to join.

The Ladies in Waiting - (support for married Christian women)

Pregnancy After Infertility

Lesbians Experiencing Infertility

Pregnancy After Miscarriage Mailing List

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Mailing List

Surrogate Mothers

Wanting Another Child Mailing list (secondary infertility)
Mainly for women who are working on pregnancy 2+but anyone is welcome. Children discussed, so beware.

   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Discussion Forums -> Chat Rooms

AOL  | IRC  | MSN  | WWW  |

   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Discussion Forums -> Chat Rooms -> AOL

Infertility Chat
Every MONDAY at 21:15 US Eastern Time.
People Connection->List rooms->Private room->Infertility

Donor Egg Chat
Every WEDNESDAY at 21:00 US Eastern Time.
People Connection->List rooms->Private room->Donor Eggs

HOPE: Infertility Mutual Support
Better Health->Reproduction and Infertility->HOPE
Topics include general infertility, miscarriage, and pregnancy after infertility. For schedules and other info, see http://members.aol.com/FrancescaQ/HOPE.html

HOPE Alumni - Pregnancy after Infertility
Thursdays 21:00 US Eastern Time

Miscarriage After Infertility
Mondays at 22:00 US Eastern Time

Moms Online - A secondary infertility support group
Every Tuesday at 16:00 US Eastern Time. In the Clubs and Interests section.

   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Discussion Forums -> Chat Rooms -> IRC

ONNA Chat (undernet) - On channel #ONNA.
Probably every day at one time or another.

Hannah's Prayer Chat (undernet) - On channel #HP.
Christian support for infertility, pregnancy loss, or infant death.

Infertility Chat (undernet) - On channel #parentquest.
Most evenings, but mainly Sunday eve's. Around 20:00 US Eastern time.

   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Discussion Forums -> Chat Rooms -> MSN

Infertility Chat
Wednesdays at 15:00 - 17:00 US Pacific Time.
Through the Parents Handbook, Friends chat rooms.

   FIRL -> Online Resources -> Discussion Forums -> Chat Rooms -> WWW

Infertility Internet Chatsite - Great site - sponsored by William Panak

ParentsPlace - Inaptly named, but home to a few good moderated chats.
Chats such as Trying after Loss, Infertility, Infertility after 35, Infertility after 40, Secondary Infertility.

ARHC WWW Infertility Chat Room - Dr. Perloe will usually be available Monday evenings, 20:00 - 21:30 EST to answer your questions.

Pregnancy Loss Discussion Forum - Share your loss, feelings, concerns, prayers and encouragement for one another.

Third Party Reproduction Forum - Please post any questions or comments you may have regarding any aspect of surrogacy

   FIRL -> Offline Literature

Books  | Book Sources  | Periodicals  |

The printed word is awesome. All hail Gutenberg! Printed words require no electricity. You can read books and magazines anywhere, and you don't have to worry about carpal tunnel. The web is flashy and information-rich, but it has pitiful bandwidth and requires special equipment. Consider the following exchange, overheard at my former employer:

Engineer: "What's the best way to get 5 gigabytes across the country?"
  (starts mumbling about bit rates and transfer protocols)
Secretary: "Fed Ex, you moron."

In other words, put the data on tape and send that. It's still a material world, baby!

   FIRL -> Offline Literature -> Books

Planning  | Support  | Options  | Medical  |

   FIRL -> Offline Literature -> Books -> Planning

These are all excellent infertility reference books. For thorough descriptions of some of them, check out the INCIID Recommended Reading list at http://www.inciid.org/bookl.html .

The Couple's Guide to Fertility - by Berger, Goldstein & Fuerst. ISBN 0-385-47124-6.

The Fertility Sourcebook - by M. Sara Rosenthal. ISBN 1-56565-213-4.

Overcoming Infertility Naturally - by Karen Bradstreet.

Taking Charge of Infertility - by Patricia Irwin Johnston. ISBN 0-944934-08-0.

Endometriosis Sourcebook - by Mary Lou Ballweg and the Endometriosis Association.

Getting Pregnant When You Thought You Couldn't - by Helane Rosenberg and Yakov Epstein. ISBN 0-446-39388-6.

How to Get Pregnant With the New Technology - by Sherman Silber. ISBN 0-446-39322-3.

How to be a Successful Fertility Patient - by Peggy Robin. ISBN 0-688-11732-5.

Infertility: Your Questions Answered - by Tan, Jakobs and Seibel. ISBN 1-55972-294-0.

Preventing Miscarriage: The Good News - by Jonathan Scher and Carol Dix. ISBN 0-06-016137-X.

   FIRL -> Offline Literature -> Books -> Support

Try http://www.tapestrybooks.com/catalog/index/toc.html or http://www.amazon.com for more information.

Healing Mind, Healthy Woman - by Alice Domar & Henry Dreher ISBN 0-8050-4134-6.

A Silent Sorrow: Pregancy Loss - by Ingrid Kohn & Perry-Lynn Moffit.

In Search Of Motherhood - by Barbara Shulgold and Lynne Sipiora. ISBN 0-440-50694-8.

In Search of Parenthood - by Judith Lasker and Susan Borg.

Male Infertility: Men Talking - by Mary-Claire Mason. ISBN 0-415-07290-5.

Miscarriage: A Man's Book - by Rick Wheat.

Miscarriage: Women Sharing from the Heart - by Marie Allen, Ph.D. & Shell Marks, M.S. ISBN 0-471-54834-0.

Motherhood Deferred: One Woman's Journey Through Infertility - by Anne Taylor Fleming.

Surviving Infertility: A compassionate guide through the emotional crisis of infertility - by Linda P. Salzer. ISBN 0-06-097382-X.

Surviving Pregnancy Loss: A Complete Sourcebook for Women and Their Families - by Rochelle Friedman, MD & Bonnie Gradstein, MPH. ISBN 0-806-51758-1.

Understanding Infertility: Insights for Family and Friends - by Patricia Irwin Johnston.
Having trouble explaining your situation to family and friends? This booklet may be what you need.

Wanting Another Child: Coping with Secondary Infertility - by Harriet F. Simons.

   FIRL -> Offline Literature -> Books -> Options

Try http://www.tapestrybooks.com/catalog/index/toc.html or http://www.amazon.com for more information.

Is Donor Egg For You? - by Steve Litt with Sylvia Reuben Litt.

Adopting After Infertility - by Patricia Irwin Johnston. ISBN 0-944934-10-2.

Having Your Baby by Donor Insemination - by Elizabeth Noble.

A Matter of Trust: The Guide to Gestational Surrogacy - by Gail Dutton. ISBN 0-9655966-0-5.

Sweet Grapes: How to stop being infertile and start living again. - by Jean and Michael Carter. ISBN 0-9609504-9-4.

   FIRL -> Offline Literature -> Books -> Medical

Try http://www.tapestrybooks.com/catalog/index/toc.html or http://www.amazon.com for more information.

The Art of Natural Family Planning - by John Kippley

Fertility, Cycles, and Nutrition - by Marilyn Shannon.

What to Expect When You're Expecting - by Eisenberg, Murkoff, and Hathaway

Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom - by Christiane Northrup

The Complete Guide to Pregnancy & Childbirth - by Sheila Kitzinger. ISBN 0-394-58011-7.

The Long-Awaited Stork: A guide to parenting after infertility - by Ellen S. Glazer

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: The definitive guide to natural birth control and pregnancy achievement - by Toni Weschler, M.P.H.

The Zone: A dietary road map to lose weight permanently - by Barry Sears and Bill Lawren. ISBN 0060391502.
Mentioned by some PCOers as a way to manage weight issues.

   FIRL -> Offline Literature -> Book Sources

Tapestry Books
P.O. Box 359, Ringoes, NJ 08551 USA
Telephone:    800-765-2367 (vox)   908-788-2999 (fax)

Perspectives Press
P.O. Box 90318, Indianapolis, IN 46290-0318 USA
Telephone:    317-872-3055 (vox)

201 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1H6 Canada
Telephone:    416-537-8334 (vox)   416-537-9499 (fax)

Amazon Books

J. A. Majors Company - A source for medical texts.
1851 Diplomat, Dallas TX 75234
Telephone:    972-247-2929 (vox)

   FIRL -> Offline Literature -> Periodicals

FerreFax - by the Ferre Institute, Inc.
258 Genesee Street, #302, Utica NY 13502 USA
Telephone:    315-724-4348 (vox)   315-724-1360 (fax)

Hannah to Hannah - by Hannah's Prayer
P.O. Box 5016, Auburn, CA 95604-5016 USA
Telephone:    916-444-4253 (vox)

TASCFORCE - A free email newsletter focusing on surrogacy issues.

Fertility Weekly - A weekly digest on fertility and human reproduction. Expensive but good.
P.O. Box 43054, Atlanta, Georgia 30336 USA
Telephone:    800-705-7185 (vox)   770-949-2066 (fax)

Fertility and Sterility - A cutting-edge medical journal. A bit pricey, but it may be worth it for you.
1209 Montgomery Highway, Birmingham, Alabama 35216-2809 USA
Telephone:    205-978-5000 (vox)   205-978-5005 (fax)

INCIID Insights - by the InterNational Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
P.O. Box 6836, Arlington VA 22206 USA
Telephone:    520-544-9548 (vox)   520-509-5251 (fax)

Infertility Awareness - by the Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC)
396 Cooper Street #201, Ottawa, ON K2P 2H7 Canada
Telephone:    613-234-8585 (vox)   800-263-2929 (vox)   613-234-7718 (fax)

Infertility Helper - My personal favorite, from the days when I had the time to actually read my mail (postal or electronic).
36 Norwood Road, Toronto, Ontario M4E 2S2 Canada
Telephone:    416-690-9593 (vox)

Newsletter of Resolve National - A benefit of joining Resolve.
1310 Broadway, Somerville MA 02144-1731 USA
Telephone:    617-623-0744 (vox)   617-623-0252 (fax)

Roots & Wings Adoption Magazine
PO Box 577, Hackettstown, NJ 07840 USA

Links to other periodicals may be found at http://www.helping.com/family/iy/iynl.html

   FIRL -> Other Offline Resources

Support Organizations  | Professional Organizations  |

   FIRL -> Other Offline Resources -> Support Organizations

l'Association québécoise pour la fertilité
315 boul. René-Lévesque est, Bureau 003 Montréal, Québéc H2X 3P3 Canada
514-845-0638 (vox), 514-845-0995 (fax)

Infertility Awareness Association of Canada (IAAC)
A referral, support, and educational group for the infertile.
396 Cooper Street #201, Ottawa, ON K2P 2H7 Canada.
National office: 613-234-8585 or 800-263-2929 (vox), 613-234-7718 (fax)
Local offices:

A referral, support, and educational group for the infertile.
1310 Broadway, Somerville MA 02144-1731 USA
617-623-0744 (vox), 617-623-0252 (fax)

National Fertility Association (UK)
A referral, support, and educational group for the infertile
509 Aldridge Road, Great Barr, Birmingham, B44 8NA UK
Telephone: 0121 344 4414 (vox) [+ 44 121 344 4414 internationally], 0121 344 4336 (fax)

FREYA is een patiëntenvereniging die zich bezig houdt met belangenbehartiging, voorlichting en hulpverlening aan mensen die te maken hebben met onvrijwillige kinderloosheid.
Freya, secretariaat, Postbus 476, 6600 AL Wijchen, Netherlands
Telephone: 0031 24 6451088

SANDS - Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support
A support group for parents who experience miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death. Local offices:
  • Victoria: SANDS(Vic) C/- 19 Canterbury Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124 Australia
    Telephone: 03 882-1590 (vox)
  • Western Australia: SANDS(WA) Room G9, Agnes Walsh House, Bagot Road, SUBIACO 6008, Western Australia
    Telephone: 09 382-2687 (vox), [61 9 382-2687 internationally]

International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination
A referral and educational group for the infertile.
Address: P.O. Box 6836, Arlington VA 22206 USA

Hannah's Prayer
A growing international network of local chapters providing Christian support during fertility challenges. They publish the Hannah to Hannah newsletter.
P.O. Box 5016, Auburn, CA 95604-5016 USA
Telephone: 916-444-4253 (24 hour voice mail)

A support group for infertility sufferers in the UK.
Charter House, 43 St. Leonards Road, Bexhill on Sea, East Sussex TN40 1JA
Telephone: +44 (0)1424 732361 (vox), +44 (0)1424 731858 (fax)

Childless by Choice
Of course, infertility isn't a choice. But these guys share aspects of the infertile perspective. Say, when you having kids?
P.O. Box 695 Leavenworth WA 98826 USA

Childfree Network
7777 Sunrise Blvd #1800 Citrus Heights CA 95610 USA
Telephone: 916-773-7178 (vox)

The American Surrogacy Center
638 Church Street NE, Marietta, GA 30063 USA
Telephone: 770-426-1107 (vox), 770-426-1305 (fax)

No Kidding!
Box 27001 Vancouver BC V5R 6A8 Canada

London Infertility Network (UK)
c/o King's ACU Support Group, 6th Floor
King's College Hospital, Denmark Hill, London SE5 8RY
Telephone: 0171-346-3609 (vox), 0171-274-3242 (fax)

Endometriosis Association (USA)
8585 N. 76th Place, Mikwaukee WI 53223 USA
Telephone: 800-992-3636 (vox)

Adoptive Families of America (USA)
Referrals and support.
Telephone: 800-372-3300 (vox)

Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy (USA)
Surrogacy referrals, reading material, and support.
P.O. Box 213, Wheeling IL 60090 USA
Telephone: 847-394-4116

Sidelines National Support Network
Support group and newsletter for women with complicated pregnancies.
P.O. Box 640, Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44222 USA
Telephone 714-497-2265 (vox)

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Serono Symposia, USA
A division of Serono Labs that prints useful booklets.
100 Longwater Circle, Norwell MA 02061 USA
Telephone: 800-283-8088 (vox)

American Association of Tissue Banks
Lists accredited sperm banks.
Telephone: 703-827-9582 (vox).

College of American Pathologists (CAP)
Call them to find if a clinic or lab is accredited.
Telephone: 800-522-5678

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)
Address: 1209 Montgomery Highway, Birmingham, Alabama 35216-2809 USA
Telephone: 205-978-5000 (vox), 205-978-5005 (fax)
They publish Fertility and Sterility magazine. Call or write for more information.

Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART)
An affiliate of ASRM that, in conjunction with the College of American Pathologists (CAP), sets accreditation standards. Also compiles and sells listings of clinics and their success rates.
1209 Montgomery Highway, Birmingham, AL 35216 USA
Telephone: 205-978-5000

   FIRL -> Helpful Odds-n-Ends

Conceiving Concepts - Strives to provide you with fertility products which will help you attain that child of your dreams.
P.O. Box 869 Crestwood, KY 40014
Telephone:    502-241-8497 (vox)   502-241-8340 (fax)
Nice site with good info. Note: it appears that product orderingwon't be set up until January 1998 (not too far away!).

BBTchart Spreadsheet - (for Excel 5 or later)
FREE spreadsheet for charting BBTs and other fertility signals. Rave reviews. There are several versions -- you will receive instructions on how to obtain each.vox: fax: voice_tf:

Low-tech Ways to Help You Conceive - Maximize your fertility before trying expensive and invasive infertility treatments.

HDC Corporation - Manufactures "Seminal Collection Devices".
San Jose, CA
Telephone:    800-227-8162 (vox)
Will provide information directly to your doctor about their products.

Apex Medical Technologies, Inc. - Produces a non-spermicidal semen collection system for use in fertility and sterility testing.
10064 Mesa Ridge Court #202, San Diego CA 92121 USA

Discount Fertility Medication Resource List
Discount US, Mexican, and European pharmacies. Many do mail order. Watchit! The US FDA has reinstated a ban on fertility drug imports!

Home Pregnancy Test and HCG Levels Mini-FAQ - Over a dozen home test levels, contact info, and a short Q&A

Ovulation Predictor Kit FAQ - Q&A, manufacturer contact information and price-reduction campaign.

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Infertility Treatment Authority

   FIRL -> Contacting the Government -> United States

To send snail mail to congress:

Your Senator's Name
United States Senate
Washington, D.C. 20510

Your Representative's Name
United States House of Representatives
Washington, D.C. 20515

Congressional Email Directory - Look up contact information for congress.
vox: fax: voice_tf: subject: sendto:

Library of Congress
vox: fax: voice_tf: subject: sendto:

US Senate
vox: fax: voice_tf: subject: sendto:

The Consumer Law Page - Brochures - A collection of Federal Trade Commission Brochures on various subjects, including health and infertility.
vox: fax: voice_tf: subject: sendto:

Contacting the Congress - (web, email, fax, voice contact info)
Graphics-intensive. Once loaded, truly awesome pages.vox: fax: voice_tf: subject: sendto:

Food and Drug Administration
vox: fax: voice_tf: subject: sendto:

National Institutes of Health
vox: fax: voice_tf: subject: sendto:

US House of Representatives
vox: fax: voice_tf: subject: sendto:

   FIRL -> Humor

Did you say RELAX?!? - Great ONNA Comebacks
This page is a collection of retorts to the insensitive or just plain stupid things people commonly say to ONNA members. There is a section for comments that relate to having trouble conceiving, and a section for comments that relate to miscarriage. If you have any additions, please send them to Phoenix, and they will be added as soon as possible.

Infertility Humor - Great collection! Sniglets, even.

The Jack of All Trades
It's about a sperm donor. If the idea of a humorous story about a sperm donor offends you, please don't follow the link.

Ovacue #1 Fertility Monitor