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Miscarriage Support & Information Resources

This resource list is broken up into the following sections:
  1. Newsgroups for Support

  2. Listservs for Support
  3. Medical Information Web Sites
  4. Ectopic & Molar Pregnancy Web Sites
  5. Recurrent Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss Web Sites
  6. Support Group Web Sites
  7. Emotional Aspects of Loss Web Sites
  8. Online Memorials
  9. Chats & Bulletin Boards for Support
  10. Books



  • A Heartbreaking Choice
    A support group for people who have chosen to terminate pregnancies due to severe fetal health problems. A nonjudgmental place to find support. To join, please send an e-mail to mailto:list@aheartbreakingchoice.com with your name and your story. Check http://www.aheartbreakingchoice.com.

  • Bereaved Moms Remember
    Christian support group for mothers who have lost babies shortly after birth (from minutes to six months) To join, please send an e-mail to mailto:bereavedmomsremember-subscribe@topica.com. You will need to send a letter of introduction about yourself and your loss(es). Check http://members.aol.com/BrvdMomShr/.

  • Bereaved Moms Rejoice
    Christian support group for mothers who are pregnant or having living babies after previous miscarriage, stillbirth or early infant loss. To join, please send an e-mail to mailto:bereavedmomsrejoice-subscribe@topica.com. You will need to send a letter of introduction about yourself, your pregnancy or new baby, and your loss(es). Check http://members.aol.com/BrvdMomShr/.

  • Bereaved Moms Share
    Christian support group for mothers who have lost babies to miscarriage and stillbirth. To join, please send an e-mail to mailto:bereavedmomsshare-subscribe@topica.com. You will need to send a letter of introduction about yourself and your loss(es). Check http://members.aol.com/BrvdMomShr/.

  • Bereaved Moms Try to Conceive
    Christian support group for mothers who are trying to conceive after miscarriage, stillbirth, or early infant loss. To join, please send an e-mail to mailto:bmttc-subscribe@topica.com. You will need to send a letter of introduction about yourself and your loss(es) and TTC efforts. Check http://members.aol.com/BrvdMomShr/.

  • Ectopic Pregnancy Support Group
    The home page for this group is at http://www.ectopicpregnancy.com.To sign on, go to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ectopicpregnancy/

  • (Electronic) Loss In Multiple Birth Outreach (eLIMBO)
    This mail list is for parents who have lost one or more babies in a multiple pregnancy. To subscribe to LIMBO, send an e-mail to mailto:eLIMBO-subscribe@yahoogroups.com or go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eLIMBO. The group's homepage is at http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Lake/5142/index.html.

  • Loss of All in Multiple Birth Support (LAMBS)
    A listserv for those who have lost all their children in a pregnancy with multiples (twins, triplets, quadruplets or higher), whether their loss is recent or years ago. The home page is at http://www.public.iastate.edu/~cjenks/lambs.html, while the listserv sign-up is at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/lambs/ or by sending an e-mail to mailto:LAMBS-subscribe@yahoogroups.com.

  • Multiple Miscarriages
    A listserv for women who have suffered more than once pregnancy loss. Also offers a chat area for live discussion of issues and monthly virtual seminars. To subscribe, please send e-mail to mailto:tasc@surrogacy.com and put "Send mm application" in the subject line, or fill out the on-line application form at http://www.surrogacy.com/online_support/mm/.

  • PAM (Pregnancy After Miscarriage)
    This list is now available to support couples either trying to conceive or carrying a baby after any kind of pregnancy loss. Anyone who has been in this situation and wants to offer advice/support is also welcome! This is not the place to post horror stories -- it should be kept as a warm, fuzzy haven for getting questions answered and sharing concerns.

    To subscribe, send e-mail to mailto:pam-request@fensende.com with no subject line (unless your service requires it, then type subscribe), and in the body of the message type only "subscribe" (without the quotes).

    There is also a digested version of the list available, which means you get the same e-mail, only in fewer total messages. In other words, the digest only goes out once per day unless the messages reach a critical size, then it might go in 2 messages. Use the instructions above, only address your e-mail to mailto:pam-digest-request@fensende.com.

  • Pregnancy & Infant Loss Mailing List
    In order to belong to the mailing list, to search its archives, send e-mail to mailto:majordomo@taex001.tamu.edu
    1. Leave the subject line blank
    2. In the body of the message type: subscribe infanlos
    3. On the second line type: info infanlos
    4. On the third line type: end

    If you get really stuck, send email mailto:janetes@gte.net

    Visit the web page at http://www.sids-network.org/pilmlst.htm

  • SIDSNET: The Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Mailing List
    A listserv for discussion of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. To subscribe, go to http://www.sidslist.org/forms/sub_form.htm and fill in form.

  • SPALS (Subsequent Pregnancy After Loss Support)
    To join, send a blank e-mail to mailto:listmanager@lists.iSTAR.ca
    In the body of the message, type: subscribe SPALS
    At the same time, prepare a short bio, containing only the facts of your situation (living and deceased children, your current status, your location in the form [country / state / city] and the mother's age) and email it to list administrator Michael Nettleton at mailto:michael@spals.com. Here is a sample of what they are looking for:

      sgrimes@mail.coin.missouri.edu (Sara Grimes)
      My first child, Haven Rose lived for 3 days (05-09-95 - 05-12-95), born at 23.5 weeks gestation because of severe preeclampsia and HELLP Syndrome. Currently pregnant -- due 08-22-96. Mom is 33.
      [USA / Missouri / Columbia]

    SPALS Information can be found at http://www.spals.com/ .





  • A Heartbreaking Choice
    Information and Support for those who faced dealing with "therapeutic terminations."
    Includes a book list.

  • Anencephaly Support Foundation
    Non-profit organization providing information and support to families,
    educational and medical communities.

  • Bereaved Families Online
    Based in Ontario, Canada. Support for all types of family loss and pregnancy after loss.

  • The Bonnie Babes Foundation
    Non-profit organization that has been caring for families who have lost babies from miscarriage, stillbirth and prematurity since it was formed in 1994.

  • Center for Loss in Multiple Births (CLIMB)
    Contact information for CLIMB.

  • The Compassionate Friends
    The Compassionate Friends is a national nonprofit, self-help support organization which offers friendship and understanding to families who are grieving the death of a child of any age, from any cause

  • D.E.S. Action
    For those exposed to diethylstilbestrol in utero (increasing miscarriage risks and fertility problems).

  • Houston's Aid In Neonatal Death (H.A.N.D.)
    H.A.N.D. is a support group for parents whose babies have died any time from conception through late infancy. It helps parents cope with feelings of grief and isolation which accompany infant death.

  • Hannah's Prayer
    Christian infertility and pregnancy loss group.

  • Miscarriage Association (UK)
    Charity with 50 support groups across the UK.

  • Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Infant Death
    A listing of support group contact information.

  • Mommies Enduring Neonatal Death (MEND)
    A Christian support group.

  • Mothers in Sympathy and Support (MISS)
    MISS is a grass roots organization dedicated to supporting parents one to one after
    the death of an infant or young child.

  • National SHARE Office
    Pregnancy & Infant Loss Support.

  • Pen-Parents of Australia
    Pen-Parents is an international non-profit support network for bereaved parents which works with any type of loss and any age child from miscarriage to the death of an adult child.

  • RESOLVE National Home Page
    Includes listing of state chapters. Support.

  • SANDS - Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Support (Vic)
    A support group for parents who experience miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.

  • SANDS - Stillbirth, Miscarriage and Neonatal Death Support Western Australia (WA)
    A self-help support group in Western Australia for parents who experience miscarriage, stillbirth or neonatal death.

  • SHARE Atlanta
    A pregnancy and infant loss support group. Information plus links.

  • Soc.Support.Pregnancy.Loss Information
    Includes FAQ on Tips & Suggestions for Coping after Pregnancy Loss and the soc.support.pregnancy.loss charter. A medical FAQ is in the works.

  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Other Infant Death (SIDS/OID) Information Web Site
    Information Home Site. Support, mail list, individuals sharing experiences.

  • Turner's Syndrome Society, Texas
    Providing links and information about Turner's Syndrome. Definition and Synonyms, FAQ, TSS Societies (National, State, and Local), Associated Links, Newsgroup discussions, Conference Information.


 ONLINE MEMORIAL SITES (some sites commerical)

  • America's Memorial for the Unborn
    You need to pay a fee to place a memorial on this site.

  • A Place to Remember
    Support materials and resources for those who have had a crisis in pregnancy or the loss of a baby. Includes an area for sharing, a remembrance book and links. Sells products such as cards, books, gifts and funeral-related items.

  • Baby Bunny Memorial Site
    A woman with multiple losses set up this free site to memorialize lost babies.



  • A Silent Sorrow: Pregnancy Loss -- Guidance and Support for You and Your Family
    by Perry-Lynn Moffitt, Isabelle A. Wilkins, Ingrid Kohn
    Support for this often unrecognized loss. Includes information on how men and women grieve differently, stress management in subsequent pregnancies, etc.
    ISBN: 0-440507-13-8, $12.95, Delta (1993)

  • A Woman Doctor's Guide to Miscarriage: Essential Facts and Up-To-The
    Minute Information on Coping With Pregnancy Loss and Trying Again

    by Irene Daria, Laurie Abkemeier (Editor), Lynn Friedman
    ISBN: 0-7868814-5-3, $9.95, Hyperion (1996)

  • Coping With Miscarriage: A Simple, Reassuring Guide to Emotional and Physical Healing
    by Mimi Luebbermann
    Pregnancy councelor writes about emotional and physical stages of miscarriage.
    ISBN: 0-7615043-6-2, $14.00, Prima (1996)

  • Empty Arms: Coping with Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Infant Loss
    by Sherokee Ilse
    $5.50 U.S., Wintergreen Press
    e-mail: WPress@aol.com

  • Empty Arms: Emotional Support for Those Who Have Suffered Miscarriage or Stillbirth
    by Pam W. Vredevelt
    Christian-based emotional support.
    ISBN: 0-88070-042-4, Multnomah Press (1984)

  • How to Prevent Miscarriage and Other Crisis of Pregnancy
    by Carol Colman, Stefan Semchyshyn
    Information of preventing future losses.
    ISBN: 0-0203685-5-0, $9.95, MacMillan General Reference (1990), 242 pages

  • I Never Held You: an ebook about miscarriage
    by Ellen M. DuBois
    Who are we? We are professionals in the workforce or professional mothers. We are painters and singers. We are caretakers and we are movie stars. Some of us may have children; while some of us don't. The one thing that connects us all is that we are women who experienced a miscarriage that seemed, in many cases, to go unacknowledged by many. We have all felt the dismissal of our very real grief and we have all felt alone and isolated because of it. We cry our tears together. You are not alone in your struggle to get through this . . .

  • Miscarriage: A Shattered Dream
    by Sherokee Ilse & Linda Hammer Burns
    This is what I would consider a short form book of information and support. It's a fast read, but some people will want more depth.
    ISBN: 0-9609456-3-6, $6.50 U.S., Wintergreen Press (1985), 57 pages total
    Order through e-mail: WPress@aol.com

  • Miscarriage: The Facts
    (Oxford Medical Publications) 2nd Edition
    by Gillian C. L. Lachelin
    ISBN: 0-1926261-3-2, $17.95, Oxford Univ Press (1996)

  • Miscarriage: What Every Woman Needs to Know
    by Professor Lesley Regan
    Information on causes, process, treatment, chances of successful pregnancy,
    miscarriage and infertility.
    ISBN: 0-7475-3024-6 , 7.99 U.K., Bloomsbury Publishing PLC (1997)

  • Miscarriage: Women Sharing from the Heart
    by Marie Allen, Ph.D. & Shell Marks, M.S.
    Stories of support from many women. A very emotional read, but worth it.
    ISBN: 0-471-54834-0, $16.95 U.S., John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (1993), 258 pages total

  • Motherhood after Miscarriage
    by Dr. Kathleen Diamond (Ph.D. biochemistry)
    Medical info and support.
    ISBN: 1-55850-043-X, $10.95 U.S., Bob Adams, Inc. (1991), 250 pages total

  • Stories of Miscarriage - Healing with Words
    edited by Rachel Faldet and Karen Fitton
    Moving writings from both mothers and fathers.
    ISBN 1-57749-033-9 Fairview Press, Minneapolis (1997)

  • Preventing Miscarriage: The Good News
    by Jonathan Scher, M.D.
    A good look into the medical causes of loss and information on testing and prevention.
    ISBN: 0-06-092056-4, $12.00 U.S./$16.75 Can., HarperPerennial (1990), 240 pages total

  • Surviving Pregnancy Loss: A Complete Sourcebook for Women and Their Families
    (revised & updated)
    by Rochelle Friedman, MD & Bonnie Gradstein, MPH
    An in-depth look at the physical and emotional, with a section on husbands & other family. Some stories, a good resource list, and great bibliography.
    ISBN: 0-806-51758-1 $15.95 U.S., Citadel Press (1996), 302 pages

  • A Time To Decide, A Time To Heal
    Molly Minnock, MSW, Kathleen Delp, ACSW and Mary Ciotti, MD
    This is a book for parents who are making difficult decisions about babies they love. It's written by mothers & fathers who have faced the news of a fetal anomaly with grief & courage. Topics include: Making decisions (continuing & interrupting the pregnancy), taking control, medical procedures, couples healing, selective fetal reduction and subsequent pregnancies.
    ISBN: 1-878526-39-1 $7.95 plus postage, Pineapple Press

  • Unspeakable Losses: Understanding the Experience of Pregnancy Loss, Miscarriage, and Abortion
    Kim Kluger-Bell
    A therapist's look at the loss of a baby -- includes a number of personal stories. Looks at subjects including knowing of an in-utero death before the physical loss takes place, selective reduction, abortion for genetic reasons, loss after infertility, etc.
    ISBN: 0-393-04572-2 $23.95 U.S., W.W. Norton (1998), 170 pages

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