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Mail Lists Related to Infertility

Mailing lists (listservs) function a lot like newsgroups, but tend to be more targeted and with a smaller number of posters. The way they work is that indivuals send a message to a list address and it is distributed via e-mail to all the other listmembers.

This listing is divided into categories to make it easier to navigate. Within the categories, the listings are in alphabetical order and include the sign-on instructions, and the web address in some cases.

 General Infertility

 Infertility by Diagnosis

 Donor Insemination, Donor Egg, Embryo Adoption and Surrogacy

 Miscarriage, Pregnancy and NeoNatal Loss

 Pregnancy after Infertility and Loss

 Adoption after Infertility

 Parenting after Infertility, Multiples, and Preemies

 Childless after Infertility and Loss

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