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Discount Fertility Medication

This section lists a number of pharmacies worldwide where discount fertility drugs can be purchased. Please note that effective non-prescription fertility-enhancing supplements, such as FertilAid, should be considered before resorting to prescription drugs.
  • This list is compiled primarily for U.S. and Canadian fertility patients. Some of the international companies offer lower prices than U.S. pharmacies, but may not be a discount over other pharmacies in that country.

  • It is prudent to ask for the pharmacist's name and registration number, the pharmacy registration number, and the wholesale medical dealer's license number (European).

  • You need to plan ahead of time if you want to order from outside the U.S. as most shipments will not be overnight.

  • Before ordering Follistim from another country, be sure it is being sold in 75 IU ampules as it is in the U.S. Some places are selling 50 IU and it may be cheaper to purchase in the U.S.

  • Ask for expiration dates on the medication (and be sure to get on the medication, not the diluent -- the diluent almost always lasts longer).

  • Any U.S. citizen planning to travel and bring back fertility medications should carry their prescription with them and should check the U.S. Customs information.

  • Order with a protected/insured credit card so that you may dispute charges if shipment does not arrive.

  • Note that most international pharmacies will not send needles.

  • If you have insurance that covers part of your prescriptions costs, be sure to ask the pharmacy if they have different prices for insured vs. non-insured. This is especially important if you have a cap on infertility insurance and your drug costs go toward the cap (not that common, but not unheard of).

  • Shop around! (Please read disclaimer)

* * * * *

If you are unsure of what your insurance company will cover, your best bet is to write or call your carrier. Request responses in writing in case you have any disputes. Serono has a form generator for patients to use -- you fill out the form, print it, and send to your insurance carrier. Check http://www.seronousa.com/fertility/consumers/fc02-services/fc02-05-financial/fc02-05-03-01-letter.html Organon has a phone hotline 1-800-IVF-PALS for getting information about insurance and IVF.

* * * * *

Please consider taking an active role in trying to find a solution to the exorbitant prices of fertility drugs and lack of adequate insurance coverage in the U.S. Write to your Representatives and Senators. If you go to http://www.visi.com/juan/congress you will find contact information that will make it easy for you to make your voice or e-mail heard.

The Fertility Foundation at http://www.fertilityfoundation.org/ has an assistance program for those who cannot afford treatment.

Some people buy and sell medication on the alt.infertility, misc.health.infertility, and alt.infertility.primary newsgroups. If you don't have newsgroup access on your server, you can use groups.google.com. You can also check out http://www.freegaragesale.com/medicine.htm -- please note that there are risks to getting medication this way. Selling medication without a license isn't legal in the United States and there is no buyer protection.

Trade NameGeneric NameManufacturerTelephone No.
A.P.L.chorionic gonadotropin*Wyeth Ayerst(601) 341-2239
Chorionic gonadotropinchorionic gonadotropin*Steris(602) 278-1400
Chorionic gonadotropinchorionic gonadotropin*Fujisawa(847) 317-8800
Novarelchorionic gonadotropin*Ferring Pharmaceuticals(888) 337-7464
Pregnylchorionic gonadotropin*Organon(800) 631-1253
Profasichorionic gonadotropin*Serono(800) 283-8088
Clomidclomiphene citrateHoechst Marion Roussel(816) 966-5170
Milopheneclomiphene citrateMilex(312) 631-6484
Seropheneclomiphene citrateSerono(800) 283-8088
Follistimfollitropin betaOrganon(800) 631-1253
Gonal-Ffollitropin alphaSerono(800) 283-8088
Antagonganirelix acetate**Organon(800) 631-1253
HumegonmenotropinsOrganon(800) 631-1253
PergonalmenotropinsSerono(800) 283-8088
RepronexmenotropinsFerring Pharmaceuticals(888) 337-7464
Crinoneprogesterone gel***Serono(800) 283-8088
MetrodinurofollitropinSerono(800) 283-8088
Fertinexurofollitropin, highly purifiedSerono(800) 283-8088

*Chorioric gonadotropin is not normally used alone as a fertility drug -- it is normally administered after administraction of menotropins or urofollitropin.

**Ganirelix acetate is used for downregulation and suppression of LH surge, and generally used in conjunction with metropins or follitropins.

***Progesterone is used for luteal phase support.


"A co-operative group of pharmacies committed to lowering the prescription costs for patients living in the United States." This is not mail order -- you must travel to one of the retail locations

Lynn Blouin
8610 Boul. St-Laurent
Montreal, Quebec
H2P 2M4
phone: 1-514-389-1318, 1-800-387-0404 (inside Canada only)
Ship within Canada using Purolator, next day, and it only costs a few dollars.

Jean Coutu
1242 Beaumont
Montreal, Quebec
phone: 1-514-738-2401
Always has fertility drugs in stock. Does not ship to U.S.

Royal Victoria Hospital Pharmacy
Montreal, Quebec
phone: 1-514-843-1601
Not sure if they ship, or if you need to be a Royal Victoria patient.

Wexford Pharmacy
Brampton, Ontario
phone: 1-905-840-0008
They will ship only within Ontario for $8 overnight (if possible by Purolator).


Clinovia Ltd.
7, Coldharbour Pinnacles Estate, Lovet Road, Harlow
Essex CM19 5JL
phone: +44 (0)1279-456-705

International Pharmacy Organisation
85 Station Road
Middlesex HA8 7JH
phone: 011-44-208-381-1911
fax: 011-44-208-952-2063, 011-44-208-951-4549
e-mail: ipo@everymedicine.com
Howard Jonathan Turner MRPharmS, IVF Pharmacist (Reg. 74439 - The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain).
Pharmacy registration number is 0481515.
Wholesale Medical Dealer's License is WL / 15642 / 1
Note: The International Pharmacy Organisation (IPO) and Pharma-Med are in no way related. They are separate entities.

e-mail: pharmacist@lowpricemeds.com


OCR Feldman
phone: 011-331-47-42-49-40

16, rue Vignon
75009 Paris, France
phone: 011-33-1-47424940
fax: 011-33-1-42652942
e-mail: pharmaconsult@wanadoo.fr
Ships prescriptions at lower prices than U.S. pharmacies, delivery within 5-10 days.

Pharmacy de la Croix Ble Blue
fax: 011-331-42-30-79-18


Herrenbach Apothke
73 Friedberg St
D-86161 Augsberg, Germany
phone: 011-049-821-56-87-20
fax: 011-049-821-56-87-22-9
e-mail: herrenbach-apotheke@t-online.de
contact: Dr. Wolfgang Erdle


NEHA Global Pharmacy
Contact person: Ashish Rai
fax: 011-91-22-642-9299
e-mail: neha1@bom2.vsnl.net.in
Several reputed brands of the generic clomiphene citrate are offered. Dispatches can be made by DHL/Federal Express.


St. Anna Farmacia
10 Via Della Mostra 39100
Bolzano, Italy
phone: 011-39-0471-978256
fax: 011-39-0471-979808
Contact: Dr. Peter von Aufschnaiter
Email: pharmanna@tin.it

Farmacia Cerati Comunione Ereditaria
via Roma 17
14015 S.Damiano (AT)
phone: 011 39 0141 982653
fax: 011 39 0141 982653
e-mail: info@farmaciacerati.it


The Drug Store
Shopping Center
1304 Viva Tijuana
phone: 011-52-66-82-86-64
Just across the pedestrian bridge at the border from San Diego.

Farmacia Alexa
Avenida Revolucion 1051
Esq Calle 7A Centro 22100
Tijuana, BC
phone: 011-52-66-85-27-77

Farmacia Conchita
phone: 011-52-66-82-93-11 Ask for Miguel

Farmacias D'Lux
phone: 011-52-66-88-10-90.
Ask for Javier Telles.

Farmacia Payless Drug Store
Centro Commercial
Viva Tijuana
phone: 011-52-66-83-17-95

Farmacia del Carmen
Av. Hidalgo #191
Tecate, Baja California, Mexico
phone: 011-52-66-56-54-18-34, 011-52-66-46-45-522
fax: 011-52-66-54-55-22
e-mail: rabay@telnor.net
Contact: Carmen or Jose
Ships via UPS COD to the U.S. and patients are welcome to come in person.

Farmacia San Francisco
Nogalis, Sonora, Mexico
phone: 011-52-631-312-0246

Ignacio Galindez
F14 Bassett Center
Box 134
6001 Gateway West
El Paso TX 79925
phone: 011-52-16-159-619
For English talk to Belen.

Importaciones Renee at 910 Av. Revolucion.
phone: 011-52-66-85-51-55
fax: 011-52-66-88-20-14

Lopez Mateos 188
Nogales, Sonora, Mexico
phone: 011-52-63-121-681
For English talk to Jesus.

The Medicine Man
At Pedestrian Bridge
613 Negrete Ave. & First Street
phone: 011-52-66-85-73-43
Just across the pedestrian bridge at the border from San Diego.

The Medicine Store
Ave. Revolucion # 943
Zona Centro Between 3rd and 4th Streets
Tijuana, BC Mexico, C.P. 22000
phone: 011-52-(664)688-3535
fax: 011-52-(664)685-1448
contact: Jack Veinbergs
"We are currently sending medication legally to USA. We don't have a website, however, we answer all e-mail and will give pricing and availability. Parcels now take 10 to 14 days to arrive, may be insured and shipping charges have been considerably lowered."

US Customer Service Address
Medicine Mexico
PMB 330
4233 SE 182nd Avenue
Gresham OR 97030
fax: 1-503-492-4228

Sara Imports
They are located at the corner of 4th and Av. Revolucion.

191 Avenida Hidlago
Tecate, BC Mexico
phone: 011-52-66-88-04-88, 011-52-66-54-18-34
fax: 011-52-66-54-55-22
Contact: Carmen or Jose
e-mail: rabay@telnor.net


513c Johartown
phone: +92-42-517 4555
e-mail: susan@e-pharmacy.net
All parcels are sent out registered airmail. It takes about 8-14 days for the parcel to arrive.


Note: The list of pharmacies in the U.S. has been expanded to not only include discount pharmacies, but also those that specialize in fertility medications. One really needs to shop around to get the prices. In general, the stores with a web presence are more likely to offer discount prices.

Abbott Northwestern Medical Bldg. Pharmacy
2545 Chicago Ave. South, 1st Floor
Minneapolis MN 55407 phone: 1-612-863-4190

Alliance Pharmacy
1245 Highland Avenue
Abington PA 19001
phone: 1-215-481-4318
fax: 1-215-481-4434

Ambulatory Care Pharmacy
15001 Shady Grove Road
Rockville MD 20850
phone: 1-301-545-0193
fax: 1-301-610-6557
http://www.ambcarepharm.com/ or http://www.fertilerus.com/
e-mail: FertileRUS@aol.com

Alexander's Twin Pharmacy
2217 South Olden Avenue
Trenton NJ 08610
phone: 1-877-750-7222
fax: 1-609-585-1679
e-mail: mailto:NeilS2RX2@aol.com
Says they have the guaranteed lowest prices on the Internet.

AMD Pharmacy
180 Route 109
West Babylon NY 11704
phone: 1-800-736-3396
fax: 1-800-982-8443

Apothecary Shops
10250 N. 92nd St., Suite 105
Scottsdale AZ 85258
phone: 1-602-451-3771

Apothecary Shop of Chandler
3200 North Dobson Road Suite B-3
Chandler, Arizona 85224
phone: 1-866-495-4784 or 1-480-775-4784
fax: 1-866-277-9734 or 1-480-730-9734

Apthorp Fertility Prescription Service
2201 Broadway (at 78th Street)
New York NY
phone: 1-800-775-3582, 1-212-877-3480
fax: 1-877-846-6031, 1-212-769-9095

Austin Pharmacy
6729 York Road
Baltimore MD 21212
phone: 1-410-377-5300
fax: 1-410-377-5302

Baptist Medical Arts Pharmacy
8950 N. Kendall Drive
Miami FL 33176
phone: 1-305-273-8221
fax: 305-273-0241

Barron Pharmacy
23632 Mercantile Road, Suite F
Beachwood OH 44122
phone: 1-800-362-7939, 1-216-360-0500
fax: 1-800-362-7938, 1-216-360-0506

Bauder Pharmacy
3802 Ingersoll Ave.
Des Moines IA 50312
fax: 515-255-2021

Bio-Partners in Care
3411 Office Park Dr., Suite 100
Dayton OH 45439
phone: 1-800-998-2582

Boghen Pharmacy (part of Park Avenue Fertility Group)
1080 Park Avenue
New York, New York 10128
phone: 1-800-842-6600
fax: 1-212-289-2005
Free delivery available nationwide.

Bradley's Pharmacy -- The Fertility Chemist
7550 Fannin, Suite 100
Houston TX 77054
phone: 1-877-882-5579, 1-713-797-1613
fax: 1-713-797-6424
e-mail: bradleys@fertilitychemist.com

Braun Fertility
2075 North Lincoln Avenue
Chicago IL 60614
phone: 1-773-549-0634
fax: 1-773-549-2753
e-mail: braundrug@aol.com Jay Pine, RPh.

Burman's RX & Professional Medical
2101 Edgmont Avenue
Chester PA 19013
phone: 1-866-872-5430 or 1-610-872-5418
fax: 1-610-872-1969
e-mail: BurmansPharmacy@aol.com Jay Pine, RPh.
Burman's has been in business for over 35 years. JHACO certified.

C's Discount Pharmacy
1401 Veterans Blvd.
Metairie LA 70005
phone: 1-504-834-1570
fax: 1-504-833-9148

Cary's Pharmacy
105 Main Street
Dobbs Ferry NY 10522
phone: 1-914-693-0008
fax: 1-914-693-0076
e-mail: josephrph@worldnet.att.net

Canales Pharmacy
919 Westfall Road, Bldg C
Rochester NY 14618
phone: 1-716-461-1314
fax :716-461-1318

Colley Discount Pharmacy
1415 Colley Avenue
Norfolk VA 23517
phone: 1-757-622-2757
fax: 1-757-640-0367

Concord Drugs
5505 Peachtree-Dunwoody, N.E., Ste. G-95
Atlanta GA 30342
phone: 1-404-250-9656
fax: 1-404-250-9226

1203 N Council, PO Box 786
Norman, OK 73069
phone: 1-888-WEB-DRUG (932-3784)
fax: 1-405-485-8661
e-mail: pharmacy@cyberpharmacy.com

Damer & Cartwright
104 S. Michigan St., #619
Chicago IL 60603
phone: 1-312-332-6139, 1-800-Rx-Damer, 1-800-793-2637
fax: 1-312-332-6141

Dandurand Drugs
7732 E. Central
Wichita, Kansas 67206
phone: 1-316-685-2353
fax: 1-316-685-5331
email: info@danduranddrugs.com
Fertility meds and compounded meds shipped anywhere in the U.S.

Disco Rex Pharmacy
328 University Avenue
Palo Alto CA 94301
phone: 1-650-326-3873
fax: 1-650-326-0403

Dobbs Ferry Pharmacy
18 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry NY 10522
phone: 1-800-941-8380
fax: 1-914-693-4981

Econo Family Pharmacy
1200 Sixteenth Street SW
Rochester, MN 55902
phone: 1-507-282-6442
email: rx@thecornerpharmacist.com
Sherwood Peterson, Jr., R.Ph.

Elkins Park Pharmacy
7901 High School Road
Elkins Park, PA 19027
phone: 1-215-782-1336 or toll free 1-800-442-4478
fax: 1-215-782-1334
They carry ALL of the infertility drugs and if they don't have it in stock they will order it for you at no extra charge. Most insurance prescription plans accepted.

Encino Pharmacy
phone: 1-818-788-5858
Speak to David and mention that you found them through the Internet in order to receive Discount on meds.

Eveready Drugs, LLC
D/B/A Prescriptions Exclusive
1229 Third Avenue
New York NY 10021
phone: 1-800-692-4891, 1-212-249-1050
fax: 1-212-794-1174
e-mail: RXSAX58@aol.com

femScript Fertility Program
8536 Crow Dr.
Suite 105
Macedonia, OH 44056
phone: 1-877-480-0833
fax: 1-877-480-0832
e-mail: ffistork1@nls.net

1347 Tavern Road Suite #26
Alpine CA 91901
phone: 1-800-346-9660
fax: 619-445-1995
e-mail: info@fertilitymeds.com

Fisher's S.P.S.
3904 Perrysville Avenue
Pittsburgh PA 15214
phone: 1-412-231-3777, 1-888-347-3416
fax: 1-412-231-8302, 1-877-231-8302
e-mail: pharmacist@spsdrug.com

FPO Pharmacy
530 1st Avenue
New York NY 10016
phone: 1-212-263-7364
fax: 1-212-263-7569

Franklin Drug Center
829 Spruce Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
phone: 1-215-923-7070, 1-800-537-3788
fax: 1-215-923-0489, 1-800-537-8044
Competitive prices and carries many of the fertility meds.

Freedom Drug / Lynnfield Compounding Center
12 Kent Way, Suite 120 A-B / C
Lynnfield MA 01940
phone: 1-800-660-4283, 1-978-499-4500
e-mail: info@freedomdrug.com or info@freedomcompoundingcenter.com
Offers some of the best prices and has large stock.

Glen Rock Medical Pharmacy
210 Rock Road
Glen Rock NJ 07452
phone: 1-201-444-3200
fax: 1-201-444-5792

Goldsmith Pharmacy
3009 North Ballas
St. Louis MO 63131
phone: 1-314-569-1388
fax: 1-314-567-7556

Globe Drug
e-mail Brett at globedrug@aol.com
Accepts insurance drug plans.

IVP Pharmaceutical Care, Inc. (Pharmacy # 14412) (2 locations)
Women's Health Specialists
7164 Technology Drive, Suite 100
Frisco, TX 75034
phone: 1-800-483-8001
fax: 1-800-874-9179
373 Van Ness Avenue, Suite 160
Torrance, California 90501
phone: 1-310-320-6765
IVPcare is a nationwide provider of specialty medications, injectables and pharmaceutical compounds. We have pharmacists available 24/7, insurance specialists, complimentary next day delivery and outstanding customer attention.

Johnson Drug
577 Main St.
Waltham MA 02452
phone: 1-781-893-3870, 1-888-335-5577
fax: 1-781-899-1172
e-mail: info@johnsondrug.com

Kings Park Slope Pharmacy, Inc.
357 Flatbush Ave
Brooklyn NY 11238
phone: 1-718-230-3535
fax: 1-718-230-0596

Kohll's Pharmacy & Homecare
4230 L Street
Omaha NE 68107
phone: 1-402-733-2000
fax: 1-402-733-1857
e-mail: contact@kohlls.com

Kings Pharmacy (4 locations)
free delivery anywhere in the US, with four NYC locations
140 West 23rd Street. (Bet. 6&7th Ave)
New York, NY 11238
phone: 1-800-795-4647, 1-212-255-5900
fax: 1-212-206-1133
1091 Lexington Ave.(at 77th St., Across From Lenox Hill Hosp.)
New York, NY 10021
phone: 1-212-794-7100
fax: 1-212-517-8694
357 Flatbush Ave. (Bet. 7&8th Ave )
Brooklyn, NY 11238
phone: 1-718-230-3535
fax: 1-718-230-0596
492 Clarkson Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11203
phone: 1-718-363-3300
fax: 1-718-363-2949

Kraupner Fertility Services
457 Knickerbocker Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11237
phone: 1-718-821-1313
fax: 1-718-821-2665
e-mail: kpss@idt.net or RPHTOGO@aol.com

Mandell's Pharmacy
387 George St.
New Brunswick NJ 08901
phone: 1-732-247-0828, 1-877-252-0553
fax: 1-732-247-5071
Teresa Malanda is the owner and Chief Pharmacist. Teresa has successfully gone through the infertility treatments herself. So she has an understanding of the process like no other infertility Pharmacist.

MDR Pharmaceutical Care
16500 Ventura Boulevard
Encino CA 91436
phone: 1-818-788-5858, 1-800-515-DRUG
fax: 1-818-788-0607

Medical Arts United #82
1815 W. First Ave., Ste. 146
Mesa AZ 85202
phone: 1-602-610-1381

Medical Plaza West Pharmacy
12200 W. 106th #140
Overland Park KS 66215
phone: 1-913-541-5700
fax: 1-913-888-5139

The Medicine Shoppe
Route 9 South
Marmora, NJ
phone: 1-609-390-7912
The pharmacist is Chris Moffatt. He's helpful and will take prescription plans from anywhere in the country. Fertinex, Humegon, Progesterone, etc., are discounted and in stock to ship immediately.

The Medicine Shoppe
441 Passaic St.
Hackensack NJ 07601
phone: 1-201-488-1230
fax: 1-201-488-6648
e-mail: alanarno@aol.com
This pharmacy accepts prescription cards, and will bill major medical carriers directly.

The Medicine Shoppe
124 Market Place
San Ramon CA 94583
phone: 1-925-830-0555
fax: 1-925-830-0450

Metro Drug Store
55 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10003
phone: 1-212-627-2300
fax: 1-212-675-0693
Free delivery in Manhattan. Free shipping anywhere in U.S.

Murray Hill Chemists
541 Third Avenue
New York NY 10016
phone: 1-212-679-4000, 1-888-595-BABY (2229)
fax: 1-212-679-4212

Nalle Clinic Pharmacy
1918 Randolph Rd
Charlotte NC 28207
phone: 1-704-342-8180
fax: 1-704-344-2611

Northland Medical Pharmacy
1495 Morse Rd
Columbus OH 43229
phone: 1-614-267-4931, 1-800-781-4422
fax: 1-614-267-0569

One Fannin Pharmacy
7400 Fannin, Suite 120
Houston TX 77054
1-713-795-4111, 1-800-797-1584
fax: 1-713-797-1237
e-mail: onefannin@fertilitychemist.com

Oronoque Pharmacy
7365 Main St.
Stratford CT 06614
phone: 1-203-378-1111
fax: 1-203-378-5809

Peoples Pharmacy
3801-C South Lamar
Austin TX 78704
phone: 1-512-444-8866
fax: 1-512-441-5335

8226 Bee Caves Road
Austin, TX 78746
phone: 1-800-887-3377
fax: 1-888-477-5389
e-mail: pharmasays@paragonscientific.com http://www.PharmaSays.com

Poets Pharmacy Corp.
New Jersey
phone: 1-800-427-7638, 1-732-946-4194
fax: 1-800-326-2398
e-mail: info@poetsrx.com
This pharmacy says that if you have medical insurance that reimburses you at 80%, it can provide you with fertility medications with little or no additional cost. Shipping is free and via next day air. Illustrated injection instructions on web site.

ProMark Pharmacy
4499 Medical Drive
San Antonio TX 78229
phone: 1-210-615-8855
fax: 1-210-615-8860

Prosperity Care Pharmacy
8505 Arlington Boulevard #110 Fairfax, VA 22031
Fairfax VA 22031
phone: 1-703-846-9908, 1-866-847-7900
fax: 1-703-846-9912
e-mail: prosperityrx@msn.com

Rockville Centre Pharmacy
30 Hempstead Avenue
Rockville Centre NY 11570
phone: 1-800-540-6889 or 1-516-764-6161
fax: 1-516-678-3246
e-mail: RCPharmacy@aol.com

Roslyn Pharmacy
1164 Easton Road
Roslyn PA 19001
phone: 1-888-483-1477 or 215-572-9770
fax: 1-215-572-97746
e-mail: info@hopepharmacy.com

Roxsan Pharmacy
465 N. Roxbury Drive
Beverly Hills CA 90210
phone: 1-888-371-9919, 1-310-273-1644
fax: 1-310-276-4152
e-mail: roxsanpharmacy@aol.com
Free overnight delivery.

88-01 Parsons Blvd.
Jamaica NY 11432
phone: 1-800-764-3648, 1-718-472-1835
fax: 1-718-392-9250
e-mail: info@rxusa.com

Schraft's Pharmacy
Adam Hait, Pharmacist
348 E. Northfield Rd.
Livingston NJ 07039
phone: 1-800-876-4545
fax: 1-800-572-1014
e-mail: manz@net-lynx.com
This pharmacy offers very competitive prices and a pharmacist who appears to care about the patient. He will answer questions and the web site offers plenty of info.

Silver Rod Drugs
6404 18th Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11204
phone: 1-718-236-5705
fax: 1-718-236-5714
e-mail: silverroddrugs@aol.com
Proprietor is the father of triplets. Fully understands the needs of his patients.

Southern Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.
Founders Trust Center - Suite D
1740 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, AL 35209-4000
phone: 1-888-560-3436 or 1-205-879-530
fax: 1-205-879-5320
e-mail: southrx@bellsouth.net
Specialists in providing discreet, professional, Southern Hospitality for the infertility patient and physician/caregiver.

South Park Pharmacy
7035 Southwest 87th Ave.
Miami FL 33176
phone: 1-305-271-3081
fax: 1-305-271-0226

Saint John's Medical Plaza Pharmacy
1301 20th Street
Santa Monica CA 90404
phone: 1-310-453-6553
fax: 1-310-828-5645
e-mail: Pharmacist@SaintJohnPharmacy.com

Stadtlanders Pharmacy
600 Penn Center Blvd.
Pittsburgh PA 15235-5810
phone: 1-800-218-6315
fax: 1-412-824-7149
e-mail: enroll@stadtlander.com or inquiries@stadtlander.com

Stokes Pharmacy
639 Stokes Road
Medford NJ 08055
phone: 1-609-654-5222, 1-800-754-5222
fax: 1-800-440-5899

Sunrise Medical
400 Sunrise Ave.
Roseville CA 95661
phone: 1-916-782-0626
fax: 1-916-782-3111

Target Pharmacy T0082
2401 Kossow Road
Waukesha WI 53186
phone: 1-262-784-8417
fax: 1-262-784-8417
This Target Pharmacy offers most fertility medications at a resonable price. All medications are in-stock and individual ampules can be purchased to make sure our patients only have to pay for the medications that they need. Progesterone suppositories, boric acid suppositories & capsules are also immediately available.

Todd's Harvard Park Pharmacy
950 E. Harvard Avenue
Denver CO 80210
phone: 1-303-733-3784
fax: 1-303-733-4203

Township Line Pharmacy
8091 Township Line Rd.
Indianapolis IN 46260
fax: 1-317-554-6883

Village Pharmacy
1 Brookline Place
Brookline MA 02146
phone: 1-617-735-9090, 1-888-Send-Med
fax: 1-617-735-9094

 Names of Medications U.S. vs. Elsewhere

Many of the meds go by different names in different places. This is not an all-inclusive listing, but it is something . . .

Medication U.S. Names Foreign Names
Human Menopausal Gonadatropin (HMG)
contains FSH + LH
Urofollitropin (FSH) Metrodin Fertinorm
Urofollitropin, highly purified (FSH) Fertinex Metrodin HP
Fertinorm HP
Follitropin alpha & beta (R-HFSH) Follistim

Disclaimer: We are not suggesting you purchase from these companies, nor do we know anything about the quality of the medications or the reliability of the service. This is simply a one-stop place to get some of the information that has been passed around in newsgroups. Further investigation and the risks involved in ordering are solely your responsibility.

Note: Please do not contact FertilityPlus for prices. We do not sell medications and we do not track prices since they vary greatly and change often. If you would like to suggest a pharmacy, please include as much information as possible (name, address, phone, fax, url).

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